Using the Genome Browser

The GNZ Genome Browser displays information on genes and variation across the genome, as well as acting as a portal to downloading our genotype data. Over time it will be updated to include more information about features of the genome.


The navigation bar at the top indicates where you are on the chromosome with a red square, and the main area showing more detail about what features are in this part of the genome. You can move which part of the chromosome you are looking at by dragging the red box, by clicking the forwards and backwards arrows, or by dragging the main area. Zoom in and out by clicking the magnifying glasses, or double-clicking the main area. You can change to another chromosome by selecting one from the drop-down box to the right.

You can search for a particular gene (e.g. “ACTN3”) or a particular variant (“rs490998”) by typing it into the search box. You can also type a particular location on the genome, e.g. “chr8:10000000..20000000”


The information in the Genome Browser is arranged in “tracks”. You can open a new track by dragging the boxes to the left of the browser into the main areas. At the moment, the tracks we show the location of genes, dbSNP variants (i.e. nearly all known SNPs and short insertions/deletions), variants known to be associated with phenotypes, and our 23andMe SNPs. In the future we will add more tracks, including data from other published genomes.

Downloading Data

You can get more information on particular features by clicking on them. For genes and dbSNP variants, this will take you to page with more information on that feature, and for associated SNPs this will take you to the journal paper that reported the association.

For our 23andMe SNPs, clicking on a particular SNP will show our genotype data at that position. You can also download all of the data for the region you are currently looking at by clicking “Download Genotypes” in the top left of the browser.

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