24Genetics Review

There are so many DNA testing kits available that you might be wondering what makes 24Genetics any different from all of the rest of them.

Well, every company has a different approach in terms of the things that they test for, and 24Genetics has an impressive total of seven DNA testing kits that you can choose from, which is a high number in comparison to other companies.

They test a variety of factors in their tests, including ancestry, skincare, sports, health, nutrigenetics, pharmacogenomics, and talent and personality. 

Within these different tests, 24Genetics will study your DNA sample to provide you with different results, depending on which test you take. There is even the option to combine all of these tests into one with their all in one testing pack that is available on their website.

We are going to breakdown all of these services throughout this review and tell you all about the company, their aims, and ultimately, what they are able to provide you with.

About 24Genetics

24Genetics is a European Biotechnology company that currently operates in over 90 different countries around the world. The company was formed by a team of scientists, and they provide a variety of wellness and ancestry tests.

Their wide variety of tests that they have available makes them one of the most complete brands on the market. 

They are a fast-growing company that provides reports in more than five different languages, and you can choose to take part in just one or all of their tests.

Their ancestry tests can show the percentage of your DNA that originates from more than 600 regions worldwide, which is much higher than some other companies.

The health test has more than 250 sections to it, and 24Genetics is committed to providing you with accurate and interesting results. 

DNA Health Test

This test is aimed towards helping to make a difference in your wellbeing and providing you with information that can help you to safeguard your future.

Our DNA can tell us so much about ourselves that we would never have known without taking these tests, and they can also help you to make the best-informed decisions about your health and lifestyle.

There are diseases that we can prevent through early diagnosis and knowing what to look out for, and our DNA can help us to identify the ones that we are at a higher risk for. 

Statistics show that prevention and early diagnosis can increase success ratios by up to 5 or 10 times. Your test results will tell you which areas you need to focus on, and by analyzing your genetic map, 24Genetics can provide you with highly essential information so that you can make the best decisions about your health and wellbeing. 

The test will provide you with information that will give you the opportunity to be more aware of any conditions that you could be a carrier for and the health conditions that you have the potential to pass on to your children.

These diseases can be present in your genes and show no symptoms, but they can still be passed on through generations. By studying a person’s genetic map, these high-risk health conditions can be identified, or it can tell you that you do not carry any genes that have negative health consequences in terms of having children. 

This test can also help your doctor to provide the most suitable treatments and drugs, as you can find out which ones work best with your body, based on your genetic predisposition. The health test report will include results based on the following group types. 

Genetic Health Risks: GWAS

In this section of the test, the company will use GWAS publications about Polygenic Diseases to compare DNA markers of those with a disease or trait to those without it.

These studies can be really helpful in terms of early diagnosis and even prevention. While it does not give you a diagnosis, it does show you the risks that are present in your DNA. 

Genetic Health Risks: Mutations

This part of the test is where they analyze your DNA, looking at the mutations of important genes.

They look specifically for mutated genes that are suspected of being pathogenic. 

Carrier Status

Those diseases that are hereditary can be passed on to your children and in most cases, people can carry diseases but never show any symptoms themselves. However, there is still a risk that our children can develop the condition if the gene is passed on.

Taking this test is really important if you do, in fact, have the type of mutations that can be passed on to your family. Knowing about it can give you the information you need to better plan for the future. 

Biomarkers, Biometrics, and Traits

This part of the test also uses the GWAS statistical analysis to determine your genetic predisposition to present abnormal levels of specific metabolic parameters.

Your results will be able to tell you the ways in which you can adapt your lifestyle and habits to look after yourself. Included in this section is your predisposition to the effects of both alcohol and caffeine, which can be really interesting to find out.


This part of the test is aimed at analyzing the mutations that predispose you to have certain medications that work well with your body and others that don’t.

This can actually aid doctors in finding the right medication for you by eliminating those that won’t work well. 


Your DNA health results are not always set in stone, and just because you are more likely to develop a certain health condition, it doesn’t mean that you will.

These tests are designed to make you more aware of the different risks that are associated with your health and not to medically diagnose you.

Pharmacogenomics: Personalized Medicine Test

Pharmacogenetics is the study of our predisposition to certain drugs and medications. Through this DNA testing kit, you can find out which drugs work well with your body and which ones do not.

Some medications can have a negative effect rather than working as a treatment option for some people, and identifying those that don’t work well with our bodies can help us to save some time in the future. 

Using this test, 24Genetics will analyze a list of medicines from the genetic map, and your data will be checked against other scientific studies, and the algorithms will show your predisposition to certain drugs. 

Through personalized medicine, each person can be described a medication based on their DNA profile. There are no two people on this planet that are exactly the same, and different medications will affect people in different ways.

Through this DNA test, your predisposition to certain medications can be discovered, which can help doctors to avoid drugs that will produce toxicity or that will not work as hoped. 

With some medications, it can take a very long time, from weeks to in some cases months, to find out whether or not the medication is working for you. This test will help to eliminate this issue and will make it much easier to prescribe the right medication.

The report will consist of five different fields, which are Cardiology, Neurology, Pain, Oncology, and others.

Nutrigenetics Test

Whether you want to eat healthy to improve your overall diet, or you are trying to lose weight, this genetic test will tell you all about where the best place to start is.

Your results will tell you lots of key information, like which nutrients that you might need more of due to a genetic tendency to not process them as efficiently as most other people.

There are variants in our genes that make people metabolize different minerals and vitamins badly, which means that your body will need more of it. These can be detected through your DNA test. 

The same thing applies to a variety of nutrients, and you can actually have negative reactions to different types of fats, carbohydrates, or more.

However, when you take this test, you can find out more about yourself and what your body needs in order to function as it should. Through genetic analysis, you can even learn about the effects of caffeine on your body or why you have a constant sweet tooth that won’t seem to go away. 

This test is really helpful for those people who are actively trying to lose weight because your genetic information can help you to learn what type of diets are more likely to work better for you than others.

Your genes can tell you how to better lose weight and factors that make you more likely to gain weight. Some people are simply predisposed to losing weight more efficiently by following certain methods and you can find out what these are by taking this test. 

DNA Sports Test

The DNA sports test is designed to help you to train smarter to achieve your athletic goals. By taking this test, you can find out the key information that you need to know in order to achieve your maximum potential.

This test is the most complete athletic test on the market, and it will give you the best information for planning your training to work best for your body according to your DNA. This will help you to reach your goals and avoid serious injuries. The following categories are included in this test. 

Sport Profile 

Your genes will be analyzed to find out your predisposition to excelling at either sports of endurance or those that are shorter and more demanding.

Your aerobic capacity will be examined by looking at your DNA, and other sporting abilities will be determined. 

Muscular Profile

Your muscles can actually be predisposed to strength workouts, or not.

Assessing your genes will give you an idea of what your genetics have to say about your muscles in terms of resistance to fatigue and the capacity that your muscles have to regenerate, based on your genetic code. 

Metabolic Profile

As we have mentioned before, everyone is different. This means that exercise will not affect everybody the same way.

Your genetics can tell you your overall predisposition to the benefits of sports, how you may or may not be more likely to lose weight through exercise, your performance while taking part in sports, and your predisposition to the reduction of cholesterol by exercising. 

Cardiovascular Profile

You might find that your blood pressure reacts more to exercise than others, and it can even be predisposed to lowering while you are exercising.

Exercise can even lower your cholesterol, which can reduce your average heart rate and even risks of certain health conditions. 

Risk of Injury

Something that some people might not know is that certain genotypes can be associated with a predisposition to suffering specific types of injuries throughout the body.

Your test can give you some valuable insight into your risk of injury and what areas may be more fragile than others. 

Skin Care DNA Test

The skincare DNA test allows 24Genetics to analyze the ways in which your genetics can influence certain skin-related characteristics, like how hydrated your skin is likely to be, the elasticity of your skin, and its antioxidant capacity.

All of these factors play a key role in how your skin ages and they can be influenced by both hereditary and environmental factors. Up to 60% of your aging skin will be influenced by genetic factors, and the remaining 40% is influenced by your environment, lifestyle, and diet. 

When this skincare test is carried out, you can find out about how you can create your very own personalized skin care routine to reap the maximum benefits.

Every person will need to look after their skin, but the process can vary between individuals. This study is perfect for informing you on how to better take care of your skin, and you can even work with a dermatologist to come up with the best solution.

There are so many different outside influences that can have an impact on the way your skin ages, and the first of these is your exposure to the sun. Some people will be more sensitive to the sun than others, and this is something that you can discover with your test results.

You can even find out your predisposition to getting sunspots and find out how well you can get a tan compared to other people. There are certain precautions that you should take when going out in the sun to take care of your skin. 

One of the best ways to efficiently look after your skin is to start on the inside. The things that we put into our bodies can have an effect on our skin, and certain vitamins and minerals can help you along the way.

Your genetic information will tell you how your body absorbs the different types of vitamins and minerals, along with other essential nutrients.

Being aware of this information can help you to learn how to adapt your diet so that your skin can benefit more. The same can be applied for different skincare products that contain certain benefits that might work better for your skin. 

24Genetics recommends that in order to get the best out of your results, you should speak to a skincare professional or specialist to get more guidance about your results. 

Ancestry DNA Test

One of the most popular tests that DNA testing companies have to offer is usually the ancestry DNA test. This is due to the fact that people want to know more about their past and where they came from.

The 24Gentics ancestry test is quite impressive when you compare it to the tests that other companies have to offer. They will compare your genetic data to a huge DNA database and from many different regions around the world. By looking at the DNA that we have inherited from our ancestors, we can find out the regions around the world that they originated from. 

The 24Genetics ancestry test digs much deeper than other companies, and they can pinpoint your DNA to over 1500 regions worldwide. The company uses Autosomal DNA that allows them to look at the DNA of both the mother and father that is inherited from previous generations and can be traced back to up to thousands of years ago.

Through research, the information that 24Genetics has available to them is constantly expanding. If you want to find out more about your ancestry, this test is a great option for you. 


24Genetics certainly provides you with detailed information in every single test that they provide. Their tests are among the most comprehensive in the world, and they allow you to find out so much information about yourself and your past that you would never have known without taking the test.

You can look at all of the different services that they provide to find the one that suits you best, or you can choose to take their all in one test that will test your DNA for all of the services that they have to offer.

Their prices are quite high in comparison to other companies’ tests, but this is due to the highly detailed amount of information that you will receive.

It is up to you to decide if the price is justifiable, but if you are looking at more than one test, we recommend the all in one test because it works out much cheaper than buying multiple tests. 

24Genetics is a trustworthy DNA testing company that will provide you with all of the information that you are looking for.