CellMark Review

We are sure you are all more than familiar with the dramatic DNA testing episodes of some of the famous daytime talk shows. Y’know the ones where there are three possible fathers to a child and the whole family plus the three men go on live TV to find out?

Then it actually ends up being none of them. You’re all familiar with those, right?

Well, as entertaining as it is - because let’s face it, it’s like a car crash, you can’t bear to watch it but somehow fascination always takes over - the crux of the show, that being the DNA test, actually has some truth to it. More than that, DNA tests are a trusted way to get answers over paternity in a court of law.

 There are many reasons someone may seek a DNA test. Paternity is a huge reason, of course. However, DNA tests can also be undertaken to roof sibling status as well as other relations, heritage, health issues, and much more.

There are many manufacturers out there that produce DNA tests. It can feel super overwhelming when you first start researching DNA testing. Whatever your reasons for wanting one, you may well be wondering whether it is the right decision, what type you may need, and from what manufacturer to purchase it from.

We get it. The choices available to you are immense. That is why we dedicate our time doing the research so you don’t have to. 

In this particular article of ours, we want to spend some time exploring just one of the companies out there that make and manufacture DNA tests. The company in question is none other than  Cell Mark.

In this article we will be exploring Cell Mark as a company, letting you know what they are about and what they can offer you. We will then look closely at some of their DNA testing kits, looking at the differences between them and letting you know what test is most suited to what needs you may have.

It is helpful to see some of their products compared with each other, so you can see what best suits your needs. We will then give you information on how you can get in touch with Cell Mark and get the DNA testing kit you want. 

If you have been considering DNA testing and have no idea what company to work with, then this article will bring you information on a leading name. Perhaps you have done some research and came across the name Cell Mark a few times, and this has led you to want to find out more about them. 

Whatever your reason, you are in the right place. Keep on reading to find out more about Cell Mark. 

The History and Evolution of Cell Mark

Before we explore exactly what Cell Mark has to offer, we should first look at the history of Cell Mark. Understanding their history will give you a better insight into the tests they offer and what led them to be the leading brand they are today.

To call them a ‘brand’ in fact, is to do them a disservice as you will see further on in the article just how pioneering they have been as a company in this field.

Cell Mark is a company that has been around since the 1980s, specializing in all things DNA related. They were formed in 1987 and are one of the UK’s leading companies when it comes to DNA testing.

With years of experience, it is not surprising to see that they are one of the most trusted DNA companies in operation. They offer a variety of different DNA tests to suit all needs from paternity, to twin testing, maternity testing to sibling testing, and even testing to check grandparent status.

They work with legal authorities and solicitors on different legal cases, and you can also get in touch for DNA testing help without a legal case. They have an excellent reputation for providing the highest quality service possible; they are highly reliable, trusted by solicitors, local authorities, and health care professionals alike.

They offer DNA@Home testing services so you can test yourself and your family in the comfort of your own home. As well as this they also work with forensic teams, offering forensic testing if needed due to their innovative methods.

They were, incredibly, the people that presented the first DNA evidence, in the form of fingerprint identification, back in 1987 in the Old Bailey courts. They have DNA contracts with many police forces across the UK. 

They have been pioneers in far more than just DNA. They have dedicated in house drug testing services. They can offer toxicology reports for serious offenses such as driving under the influence of drugs.

It is no surprise then, to learn that they have worked with one of the UK’s biggest police forces, the Metropolitan Police, for decades. 

As if that was not enough, they even offer environmental testing, working with nature and animals. One species they help in particular is the great crested newt, providing DNA sampling for those that work with the newts in a safe way that will not cause them harm.

DNA sampling for newts is done to detect whether their species is present in a particular area.  This is especially important as they are a protected species, and testing for them in a way that harms them is prohibited by law. 

 As well as the UK, they have also had an impact on America. The first Cell Mark laboratories opened in America in 1988, a mere year after they first opened in the UK. The lab base was in Maryland, and over in the US Cell Mark quickly became pioneers in their field.

It was in the US that Cell Mark got some of their most high profile recognition. Cell Mark scientists worked on the infamously high profile OJ Simpson case, presenting DNA evidence in court. This proves just how trusted Cell Mark is, being at the forefront of DNA testing advances for decades. 

Flash forward to today and Cell Mark is still leading the way in terms of DNA testing, both in legal cases and for ‘curiosity’ testing. The next part of the article will be looking at some of the DNA testing kits they offer.

We have thoroughly researched each of the kits they offer in order to give you the best description of each of them possible, letting you know exactly what we thought. 

The Tests

There are a variety of different tests offered by Cell Mark. they boast next day delivery of results for all of them, provided they get the swabs by 10 am on any given work day.

They will then work quickly to get your results to you via email the next day. It should be noted that all of the tests we are exploring below are known as ‘curiosity tests’. This means that they do not have any legal standing and may not be accepted by courts around the world.

If your particular need for DNA testing is for a legal case, then you should contact Cell Mark via their Legal Testing Service where you can register your case with them or chat to them for some more information.

You can reach that service by following this link here: https://www.cellmark.co.uk/dna-testing/relationship-testing-information/

Now, without further ado, here are some of the excellent tests offered by Cell Mark that you can order today. 

Paternity Tests (Two Options)

When it comes to Paternity Testing, Cell Mark offers two different options. The first is the testing of the alleged father and the child, the second test is of the alleged father, the mother, and the child. The latter can produce more conclusive results.

It must be noted that both of these types of tests are merely what is known as ‘curiosity tests’ and so they will not stand up in a court of law.

If you are trying to get a paternity test for legal reasons, then you should visit the Legal tab on Cell Mark’s website to register your legal case with them. The tests are collected via mouth swab and can then be sent off to Cell Mark’s labs for next day analysis. 

Maternity Tests

Cell Mark also offers maternity testing. Of course, it is less common for someone to request a maternity test, but there are some cases where it needs to happen or someone gets curious. One example is if a child was adopted and wants to find their mother in adulthood.

In this case, the alleged mother and child provide mouth swabs, and just like the paternity testing they can be sent off right away. If they arrive at Cell Marks labs before 10 am then they always aim to get the results sent out to you via email the next day.

These types of tests are known to be very accurate, even more so if the swabs of the father are also provided. Again, these are only ‘curiosity’ tests, and if yours is a legal case then you should seek further advice from Cell Mark. 

Sibling Test

Cell Mark’s sibling test can check to see if you and your siblings share the same parents. This is a great choice of test to determine the sibling status of someone - whether they are half or full siblings.

It is not as conclusive as paternity and maternity testing as it can only show the ‘most likely’ relationship based on DNA evidence.

It may not show the true relationship of two people, and sometimes these kinds of tests can show your cousin as your sibling and vice versa, so do bear this in mind. 

However, if you can also get the DNA swabs of the parents then you will get more conclusive results. Again, you can get the results the next day, and they are only for a ‘curiosity’ test rather than legal. 

Aunt and/or Uncle Test

This type of test is also known as an Avuncular test and is typically used to check whether there is a relationship between a child and an alleged aunt or uncle. For a test such as this, Cell Mark recommends also testing another close relative for more conclusive results.

Like the sibling testing, it is not always totally accurate and is more likely to just show that there is a relationship, but could get that exact relationship wrong.

Another reason this sort of test may be used is to help prove paternity status, for example, if the alleged father cannot be tested, their brother or sister may be able to be tested in their place to see if there is any blood connection.

In this case, though, it is advisable to also include the mother of the child. Again, this may not be accepted for legal purposes, and if yours is a legal case then you should contact Cell Mark’s legal team. This test is also eligible for next day result delivery via email. 

Grandparent Test

This is also known as Grandparentage testing on Cell Mark’s website. This test determines the relationship between a child and an alleged grandparent. It can be done for a maternal or paternal grandparent, as well as for a grandmother or grandfather.

It can be used to establish the mother or father of a child as well, as long as both of the grandparents can be tested (i.e. both of the parents of the alleged mother or father). In grandparentage testing, it is usually advised by Cell Mark that you also include the DNA of another close relative for more conclusive results.

An example is this: if you want to find out who the father of a child is, you can get tests from his parents, but you should also get a DNA sample from the child’s mother, too.

It can be used in instances where, for whatever reason, the parent of a child cannot be tested. If these tests are needed for a legal matter then you should contact Cell Mark’s legal testing service as this curiosity testing may not be accepted by courts. Again, results can be given the next day. 

Twin Test

This is the most conclusive way to test whether twins are identical (also known as monozygotic) or non identical (also known as ‘fraternal’ twins). Non-identical twins will share the same amount of DNA as normal full siblings that were not carried at the same time.

Identical twins come from the same single fertilized egg and so they will have the same DNA makeup. The test is quick, simple, and completely pain free.

All that needs to happen is a small mouth swab from each of the twins is taken and then sent off to Cell Mark who will run tests and analysis in their labs. This test is extremely accurate and conclusive, producing results quickly and definitively.

Whilst it is unlikely that a test like this is needed for legal reasons, it still may be the case for some customers, and so you should know that courts may not accept this curiosity test.

Instead, if yours is a legal case, you should contact Cell Mark about their legal tests and register your case with them. 

How does Cell Mark’s DNA Testing work?

Cell Mark uses technology to detect markers in DNA molecules. These markers are known to vary a huge amount of people unrelated by blood. If two people are related, then they will vary less and may even have similarities.

Cell Mark compares the DNA molecules of two different people at different markers to determine whether there is a relationship status between them. This detailed process carried out by the scientists at Cell Mark is called Short Tandem Profiling and was first created for forensic analysis, so you know that the tests will be as in depth as possible. 

The tests are completely confidential, and all of your information is protected by UK Data Protection Laws so you can rest assured that your details (DNA and otherwise) are kept as safe as possible.

To ensure complete confidentiality and privacy, nothing is ever discussed over the phone. As well as this, everyone who gives a sample has the right to ask for a copy of the results. No one else will be allowed to access these results or your information. 

The swabs are taken from the mouth of each of the persons involved in a quick and painless manner. The swab will be rubbed on the inside of your cheek by a Cell Mark approved nurse.

This must be done at a dedicated appointment, but arrangements can also be done for the swab to be completed by your GP. they will then be sent off for full analysis by Cell Mark’s dedicated scientists before the results are sent out to the relevant people the next day via email. 

Final verdict 

We are sure you all feel like experts on Cell Mark by now, and probably feel like a walking advertisement for them. As a recap, we would like to reiterate that Cell Mark is a company that has years of experience and has long been a leading name in all things DNA related.

From being the first company to present DNA fingerprint evidence to working on the very high profile OJ Simpson case in America, Cell Mark has certainly proved their well deserved status in the world of DNA.

Their services are available for legal cases, in which you would need to register your case with them directly. However, if you simply want to use their services for one of the curiosity tests we have discussed above then you can contact them by clicking on the relevant links for each DNA Test section above. 

We hope our article about Cell Mark has proved useful for you. For more information about the tests they offer or to purchase one of their tests for yourself, you can visit their website directly following this link: https://www.cellmark.co.uk/