Vitagene Reviews

The world of DNA is a confusing one, especially if you have never encountered it before. We are always in awe at how often scientific advances happen in the world of DNA testing.

Companies need to be up to date and on the ball when it comes to these advances or risk being left behind. One company that seems to have this mastered is Vitagene. However, before we look at this company further we need to explain a little about DNA testing, and some of the lesser known reasons someone might seek out a DNA test.

Typically DNA testing is associated with finding the parentage of a person. For example, they are often done to determine the father of a child. We’ve all seen those dramatic soap operas where a DNA test proves that the father isn’t actually the father, but his brother is (cue dramatic music).

Likewise, they are often used on talk shows where feuding families go in to prove that their sister is only their half sister and is the product of an affair. DNA tests are often associated with this drama. As well as this they can be used in a court of law for things such as child support issues, inheritance feuds, and much more.

However, did you know they could also be used to determine things about a person? DNA testing can be used to get a better understanding of the future health of a person, and how to help with weight loss. DNA can help you look back at your ancestry, analyzing different health concerns, and then creating you a personalized health and wellness plan based on what your genes say. 

DNA testing looks at your genes and can tell you if you are predisposed to be more likely to have certain health issues. An example of this is DNA skin analysis. Through DNA testing, scientists can check your genealogy to see your likelihood of things such as acne and dry skin. This sort of testing can highlight your genetic risk of experiencing these issues. The same can be done for a myriad of other health issues. 

This all sounds very nuanced and confusing, we know. However, if you stick with us you will be experts in it in no time. If you have ever considered getting a DNA test done to determine genetic risks in matters related to healthcare and wellness it can seem overwhelming thanks to the sheer amount of choice that is out there.

To help you with this we have decided to write up a company review on one of the leading names in the business. This is where Vitagene comes in. We aim to use this article to tell you all about Vitagene and its values as a business.

We are also going to explain each of their DNA testing products that are available to you and give you details of how you can go about purchasing one for yourself. This will hopefully enable you to find the test that is best suited to you from a company that has been researched and reviewed in depth. 

Before we get into the nitty gritty about what Vitagene can offer in terms of DNA testing, let’s find out more about the company first. 

Who is Vitagene, and what do they do?

Vitagene is a company that specializes in DNA testing specifically for health and wellness reasons. They are a relatively new company that was formed in 2014 in San Francisco. San Francisco is now where their headquarters are and through the years they have gone from strength to strength.

Their aim when they first started up was to produce DNA testing that enabled you to gain a better understanding of health and fitness issues. Through DNA testing they were able to develop health and wellness plans for you to follow based on what you need most, according to your genes.

Later on, they partnered with Douglas Laboratories and then Pure Encapsulation to start selling personalized supplements based on your needs according to your DNA test. 

They are passionate about using the latest scientific advances in areas such as machine learning, genomics, data analysis, and health care to provide tailored and personalized plans for individuals based on the results of their DNA testing.

Amongst the team are top physicians, scientists, and engineers who all work to provide the highest level of service possible. They keep health and wellness at the core of their work and strive to protect and improve the health of every one of their customers. 

They have a number of different packages on their website that you can purchase, all of which relate to health and wellness plans. We will be exploring some of their most popular plans in the next section of our article giving you an overview of them all and identifying the differences between them.

This will enable you to understand which of the tests will suit you best for your specific needs. If you are interested in gaining more knowledge on the different types of DNA testing health plans available to you, or you are stuck between a few of the options Vitagene offers, then we highly recommend that you keep on reading. 

The Tests - What does Vitagene have to offer?

Health + Ancestry Report

There are two of these options. This one is the basic version and they also have a Premium option that we will explore next. However, do not be put off by the word ‘basic’, because this test is far from it. It gives you super in depth explorations of your health and genetic risks.

In this test, you get a DNA test sample taken which is then analyzed by the scientists at Vitagene’s labs. Your analyzed results will then be used to create a plan for you. You will get a diet report which will tell you how your genetics can affect the food you eat.

You will be learning all about the right food choices for you. You will get very informative guidelines on how many calories you should be eating from which food groups, tailed macronutrient plans, a customized meal plan, information on gluten, and lactose sensitivities. You will also get information on how your body deals with caffeine and alcohol, and so much more.

It is easily one of the most comprehensive diet plans we have ever laid eyes on! It will also tell you what supplements you should be taking based on what your genes reveal in analysis, and will recommend the amounts of each you may need.

As if that was not enough, you will also get a tailored exercise report which will tell you what types of workouts suit you best as well as how often you should do them and even how hard you need to go at them. 

Because it includes an ancestry report you will be able to find out more about your ancestors and what that means for you. It will include an interactive ethnic map as well as regional percentages so you can really get to know yourself and those that came before you. 

This is a great DNA plan to choose if you are new to the world of DNA and just want a ‘basic’ (although this is far from it) insight into how your genes shape your health and wellbeing goals. 

Premium Health + Ancestry Reports

This Premium Bundle is very similar to the Health + Ancestry Report we discussed previously, except this one has some extra features that will just wow that.

You will still get the excellent exercise plan, diet guidance, and information about supplements that are best suited to you, but with this plan, you also get an in depth exploration of your skin. It looks at what skin complaints are most likely to ail you based on your genetic history. 

It will give you a skin trail description and will let you know how likely you are to develop things like freckles, how easily you will tan, and whether you are likely to get acne, eczema, dry skin, and other skin related concerns.

This is a great option to choose if you are someone who has started suffering from skin issues but has no idea why they started because it will give you so much insight into your skin and whether the issues are likely to be down to genetics or lifestyle issues.

It will give you specially selected skincare recommendations too. As well as the previous plan we talked about, this plan also gives you your ancestry information report so you can see for yourself what your ancestors were like by way of their genetic history. 

Supplement Plans

As well as their in depth DNA reports that relate to lots of aspects of health and wellness, you may remember us telling you that Vitagene has also worked to create their own personalized supplements.

These supplements will be described to you based on the outcome of your DNA test and what it reveals about the nutrients you are more likely to need. Vitagene offers packages and plans that include the DNA test plans as detailed previously, but with the added bonus of getting your personalized supplements delivered to you, as well.

Vitagene has a saying: Not All Supplements Are Created Equal. This encapsulates exactly what Vitagene are trying to do with their supplement plan. They acknowledge that different people have different needs, and commercial supplements cannot possibly be ideal for every single human being.

They create supplements based on what you need and can tailor them towards many different things. For example, they can help to enhance your mood, help to improve your sleep, help to improve your energy, support weight loss, detoxify your body, stave off allergies, help out with your skin complaints… the list really is endless.

The best part about their supplement subscription plans is that they change to suit you. As you make progress on your plan, Vitagene acknowledges that your supplement needs may change.

As well as this, our busy lifestyles are changing constantly. We may not always need supplements to help with our skin. We may find that we suddenly need help with our sleep and so want our supplements to reflect this.

Your supplement subscription changes with you. Check out one of Vitagene’s Supplement Plans below….

The Vitality Bundle

The Supplement Plan that we loved is the Vitality Bundle. With this plan, you get lots of wonderful benefits. You get the full DNA test, as you do with the Health and Ancestry plans. With this DNA test, the scientists at Vitagene work hard to identify a number of plans to benefit you.

You will get an in-depth diet report with a meal plan and calorie breakdowns. You will also get a supplement report alongside it which will tell you what nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that best suit your needs according to your genetic history.

You get a personalized exercise report which explains what types of exercises you should be doing, how often you should be doing them, and the intensity that you should be putting into them.

As with the other plans, you will also get a very handy Ancestry Report which breaks down the genetics of your ancestors based on your genetics.

With this, you will also receive an ethnic map and regional percentages so you can see where in the world your DNA originates from. This bundle also gives you access to an online personal coach who will be on hand to help you through your plans, ensuring you fully understand everything and that you stay on track. 

As part of the Vitality Bundle, you also get free report updates, to keep you up to date on everything related to your plan and progress. Of course, the shining star in this whole plan is the inclusion of your personalized supplements!

You will get a whole 90 days worth of 4 supplements, all made with you in mind. They will be tailored to your needs specifically, ensuring you get the exact amounts of everything you need! 

This all sounds great, but how does it work?

So, we’ve just about convinced you that Vitagene is the way to go when it comes to DNA testing for health benefits, but you are probably wondering how it works. It can sound daunting when reading about DNA testing and have you thinking all sorts of scary things about how they are going to extract your DNA from you.

Luckily, we have experienced it all for you so we can give you an honest answer. Trust us when we say that there is no need to worry. DNA testing could not be easier (for you and me at least, the scientists might think differently).

All they need is a swab from your mouth. You simply have a cotton swab rubbed against the inside of your cheek and the DNA is then extracted from that. It is sent off for testing and analysis and then the results are reported back to you. Simple, right? You can do it yourself without the need for healthcare intervention and you mail it right back off to Vitagene with the prepaid free postage packaging that comes with your welcome pack. 

Your data is kept safe and secure, as it is protected by Data Protection Laws, so the only person who can see your results is you! Although we are sure you will be raving about it to all your friends just like we have! 

Also, to make your life easier, if you have previously given a DNA sample to another DNA testing service for a different reason, for example to 23andme, you can import your results from there to be tested! Vitagene accepts the raw DNA results from this site and others. 

Final verdict 

Just like that our review of Vitagene is complete. We are sure that you cannot wait to get your hands on a kit of your own and receive your personalized plans and supplements in the post.

Just to reiterate, Vitagene is not like some of the typical DNA testing companies that you may immediately think of that test paternity and family relations. The way they work is slightly different.

They use DNA in an innovative way to find the best health and wellness plans for you, according to your genetic makeup.

They consider genetic risks based on your sample and give you informative advice on what foods to eat, what exercises to do, and what supplements to take. Their aim is to ensure that all their customers are as healthy as can be. 

Take your pick from their array of plans, the most popular of which we have discussed above. It is certainly one of the most innovative health plans we have come across and without a doubt the most personal! 

If you would like any more information on Vitagene and the plans they have on offer, we definitely suggest paying them a visit through their website which you can visit here: