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A review of openSNP, a platform to share genetic data

I initially came across openSNP when the team won in late 2011 the PLoS/Mendeley binary battle. This competition was open to software that integrate with Mendeley*, a suite of web and desktop tools designed to manage bibliography. So while the scope of the competition was quite broad, the winners self described their project in an interview in a way that directly relates to themes of interest to the Genomes Unzipped crew and readers. Precisely I quote:  “we try to be a community-driven platform for people who are willing to share phenotypic and genetic information for the public”. Given these aims, I decided to look into openSNP to understand what the service and aims are. I also contacted Bastian Greshake from the openSNP team who has been very helpful in answering my questions. To make a long story short, this is a fantastic idea and a great implementation, a real must-try for all users interested in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) genetic market. Keep reading for the full story.

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